Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dumb, Dee, Dumb, Dumb!

Boy did I ever screw up yesterday. First of all the "textured" plasterwork in the kitchen was supposed to be crocodile and I mistakenly applied the alligator look. No big deal, hardly anyone will notice the difference. Secondly, and a little more important, spell check got me. As usual, I relied on the magic of computer science to make up for my poor spelling capability. One nice thing about the English language is that so many words are very similar but are completely unalike in meaning. So, if you're slightly illiterate like me (or is it I?) you can come fairly close to the correct spelling of a word but you're also very close to the spelling of a different word. Yesterday I mentioned that I came down with the same decease that Jo had a few weeks ago. Some 12 or 17 hours later, while reading the morning paper I noticed my mistake. Neither Jo or I (or is it me?) are deceased or ever have been. In actuality someone or something took away my ease. Yes I was dis-eased. Funny how it took only a little over seventy years to learn this. And, my disease is still with me, which brings us around to dumb number three. Two or three months ago I wrote a post on Wisconsin Hystery. You may recall that I chronicled the story of the origin of Pepto Bismol. Here I sit on my porcelain throne while just a few miles down the road lies the center of rearal relief.
While Jo and the pups are enjoying the newly fallen (and still falling) snow I have a choice to make. Do I put a primer coat on the alligator walls, shovel (snowblow) the five feet of snow outside or take a trip down county road Q to the Pepto mine. Sorry no pics today.