Sunday, June 8, 2008

Can Fall be far behind?

We had our half day of Spring and we're now in the midst of Summer. Hot weather, thunderstorms, tornado warnings and the still in first place, best record in baseball, Cubs losing two in a row. This week has been a lot less exciting than the weather. I guess the highlight was moving Jo's mom to a new assisted living facility. She is now residing in beautiful downtown Dodgeville, only minutes from Jo's workplace. It's a nice place with a seemingly sociable group of residents. But one of the best features is that it's only blocks away from both MacDonalds and Culvers making it mighty handy when a Big Mac or Frozen Custard attack erupts. The other events of the week were all sales related. For me it was new car shopping which was not nearly as exciting or challenging as when done in the Chicago area. (not as much price haggling due to the lack of cutthroat competition.) Sally and Uncas were new dog shopping. Hot Bulletin: New dog has been found and will debut in a couple of weeks. JoAnne shopped for more flowers. Another Hot Bulletin: Bare ground has been discovered in the Blume yard. Action is being taken to alleviate the situation. And, Derek and Jeanna took up the opposing position by SELLING. They hosted a garage sale this Friday and Saturday between the storms cells that ran through Wisconsin. Haven't gotten the final sales figures yet but I think I did see some video cassettes and audio equipment in a funnel-shaped cloud heading for Kansas. Today looks like a day of watching the rain fall, keeping out of the way of the "Cleaning Frenzy Frau" and basic computer playing around. (Can't even watch a Cubs' game until tonight)
So, I'll leave you with a photo from a nicer day and a quote from that sage philosopher, Dave Barry. "You can only be young once. But you can always be immature."