Friday, December 19, 2008


In an effort to avoid the paparazzi, Saffron covers up on the way to her stage debut.

A Star Under the Star - Last Saturday night little (getting bigger everyday) Saffron made her first stage (actually stable) appearance. She was called to portray the Baby Jesus in "What Child is This?", the Christmas program at Christ Lutheran Church in DeForest Wisconsin. The performance went off without a hitch. Mom, Dad and the entire Grandparental gang occupied the front pew in case of emergency and a vinyl stand in was on hand for major emergencies like feeding, burping and changing. Saffie performed like a pro and is possibly going to be up for a Obie Award later this year. She has already started work on her acceptance speech. Although Saffie was The Star, a truly outstanding performance by thirty or forty preschoolers ranked right up there in the annals of fine theatre. Unfortunately I had neither my still or video camera with me and missed some of the best photo opportunities of the year. (At least Jo had enough foresight to bring her camera and get a few shots) A front row boy busily tucked his shirt in and meticulously checked (and rechecked, and rechecked) to make sure his fly was zipped (or unzipped). A few kids down a little boy complained that his shirt had been broken when one of the teachers lifted him on to the bleacher seat. There were a number of "waving to grandma" kids and, of course, the little girls making sure that everyone saw their pretty new dresses. Somewhere during midsong a face making and lip sync contest broke out among the older boys. The face makers were quite accomplished but the lip syncers each synced a different song. As usual, while boys acted up, the girls concentrated on singing. The only thing the girls did other than sing, is chat among themselves about the usual girl things, other girl's hair and dresses and those boys.
I meant to post this sooner but I got hung up on my eagle thing.

What an actress! Look at that emotion!

This is the most incredible ventriloquist act I've ever witnessed.
Saffie doesn't even move her lips.

All together now!

A few costars