Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ahhhhhh! The Sweet Smell of . . . Chocolate!

One of the things that I really miss about Chicago or rather my early years in Chicago is being greeted, on my stop and go morning commute into downtown, by the sweet scent of chocolate. At that time Chicago was the mecca of candy making, especially chocolate candy.  In my last blog I ranted and raved about my favorite food, Italian Beef Sangwiches, but when I'm not eating (or yearning for) them my other food love takes over. The love of chocolate, and lots of it. Typically on our recent trip I would grab a chocolate snack whenever possible although I have had this thing lately for . . . CELERY? (But that's an entirely different story to be told at a later date.) An account of a few highlights of our recent trip can be found in my This Made Me Laugh blog so there's no need to go into that here. Except during our way home, after dashing through three or four states (at the speed limit of course) and the periodic pits stops necessitated by my daily dose of diuretics, my sixth, seventh or eighth sense started acting up. Something was in the air or at least in the area. Then, there lurking among the many signs strewn across the sea of strewn signs arose a sign from God himself . . .

Not since a similar situation in a remote part of Kansas (most of Kansas is remote) have I seen such a welcome sign. (Although a few Rest Stop signs were really welcome as well). A quick cut across traffic lanes and up the exit ramp, a sharp left turn and there it stood. Chocolate Paradise at discount prices!

 A fast check the amount of space available in the Sebring and then into the Willy Wonkaish Wonderland.

Rows and rows, piles upon piles of boxes and bags, Easter eggs and Bunnies now out of date, even Valentine heart-shaped boxes, all beckoning to me. There was even a convenient washroom in the rear of the store I wouldn't be distracted by other urges. After calculating available space in the car, which packages allowed easy entry while driving and least potential of melting anywhere other than in a appropriately eager mouth, carts were filled, credit card swiped and two (one really) happy travelers were once again on their way. I could tell you more about the rest of the trip but my Mom always said not to talk with your mouth full . . . of chocolate!

There real find of the day were these little boxes of four candies, sold individually, but easier to carry if purchased by the case. They would have made great gifts to friends and neighbors but on the way home we were accosted by a vicious pack of Keebler Elves who threatened lock us in a hollow tree trunk unless we handed over all the candy. My intention was honorable but how do you reason with fudge covered elves.

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